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  July, 2021 - Congressional Delegation Visit

Veteran Awards Gala

Contingent upon the general Covid-19 restrictions being lifted, the members of the RABC board plan to host a United States Congressional visit to Romania. This fact-finding mission will explore the shifting of industry from East-Asian countries to open new production frontiers in Romania. Spurred on by the development of new opportunities in strategic national areas, this renewed cooperation between the two countries will address RABC’s developing initiative “Make it in Romania”, which offers a strong path for US companies to relocate manufacturing to Romania. RABC President Stefan Minovici recently met with the Hon. Robert Cazanciuc, the President of the Romanian Senate, who pledged his full support for the initiative, reaffirming Romania’s Pro-American stance and their eagerness to offer contracts in several areas. RABC has managed to win the backing of the most successful companies in various Romanian production sectors, including oil, transportation, healthcare, agriculture, IT, infrastructure, investment banking, and hospitality. This visit from the Congressional delegation will lend credence to the initiative and further the partnership between the United States and Romanian industries.

  Exploring the Future of Telemedicine in Romania (October 11 – October 13, 2021)

Romania Day Festival on Broadway

Telemedicine is the medical future of the world amongst the Covid-19 pandemic. 

We will be hosting a telemedicine conference in the persuit of educating the Romanian general public on its advantages and how it creates a synergetic interaction between technology and medicine with the aim of benefiting you and your health.

  Romanian Day Festival on Broadway - Postponed to May 21st, 2022
  Dedicated to Constanta County, Romania and the City of Constanta

Romania Day Festival on Broadway

On May 21st 2022 the Romanian American Business Council will be hosting its 21st Romanian Day Festival on Broadway. The festival welcomes a record number of Romanians and Americans from all over the US, and tourists from over 100 different countries every year. The festival will be filled with over a dozen renowned artists and dancers ensuring for an unforgettable event.