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Stefan Minovici

Stefan Minovici is the Founder and President of the Romanian American Business Council – RABC.

This non-governmental, not-for-profit organization was created together with a group of Romanian American entrepreneurs and investors to help promote ventures in and business development in Romania, as well as marketing and trade and international affairs and the strategic partnership between US and Romania. Mr. Minovici is also the President of MIC & Associates since 1998, a Wall Street consulting firm serving multinationals and government agencies to drive cross border ventures and catalyze trade, investment and complex industrial and national endeavors.

Mr. Minovici has managed high profile project for major client, including the government of Chile, Romania, Slovenia, Moldova, Ukraine and the United States and multinationals such as Cemex Mexico, Raytheon International, ITT Defense, Johns Hopkins International, Mount Sinai International, Daiwa Securities and HSBC to name a few.

Notable among his achievements, Stefan Minovici oversaw, with his team, a direct US investment to Chile that reached 4.2 billion dollars in 1994, when he worked as a Senior Trade and Marketing Executive for Pro Chile, the Chilean Foreign Ministry.

Prior to founding MIC & Associates, Stefan Minovici was a senior vice-president at CMG International, a New York based advertising, marketing and public relations firm, where he helped build the international business department. During his tenure at CMG, Mr. Minovici setup and managed the emerging markets division for Central and Eastern Europe, which proved to be the main engine of growth for CMG International. Stefan Minovici was also a defense and homeland security analyst and representative working on the upgrade of Romanian defense system, together with Raytheon and ITT International. He is currently spearing the efforts to build an American affiliated hospital in Western Romania in partnership with Mount Sinai International of New York.

In 2000, Mr. Minovici created and produced of the largest event outside the borders of Romania – The Romania Day Festival on Broadway, which brings together annually over 25,000 participants on the famed New York City boulevard. Last year he president over its Twentieth Edition. Mr. Minovici is a scholar and a leading authority in Romanian and Central Eastern European Affairs and has prevalent expertise in Defense, and Homeland Security. Stefan Minovici received his BA from Hunter College with Dual Honors in Communications and Journalism and holds a Masters degree in International Affairs with a focus on Central Eastern European Studies and a Certificate of Excellence from the Harriman Institute, both from Columbia University.