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Sofia Cialicu has 25 years of professional experience in areas connected to the medical industry. Her expertise comes from years of activity in the hospital medical field, and more recently, her 14 years of management and administration of Health Programs. As a Senior Advisor in the Romanian National Health Insurance Agency (NHIA), Sofia was a member of the Reporting Board in the Medical Department, member of the Special Policies and Procedures board, member of the Protocols Committee for some of the chronic illnesses the treatment for which had to be approved by specialty committees. She has also been the Secretary of the NHIA Gastroenterology Committee, where she approved the treatment in cases of B, C and D viral chronic hepatitis and in cases of hepatitis cirrhosis, coordinating the thematic activities of the Counties Medical Services.

At the same time, Sofia has been engaged in a special program at the Romanian Permanent Mission to the United Nations where she was primarily involved in areas of the Fifth Committee. The Committee handled administration and budgetary matters. She was also involved with the Third Committee, which is responsible for humanitarian, social and cultural issues. In this capacity, she strengthened her knowledge regarding the functioning mechanisms of the United Nations system and the interaction of the Permanent Mission of the Member State with the United Nations Secretariat, by participating in a number of meetings, consultations and coordination in these fields. Sofia attended the first and the second resumed sessions of the Fifth Committee, the preparatory sessions of the first World Humanitarian Summit (2016) and a series of debates on women's rights, preventing trafficking in human beings and the right to equal opportunities.

Sofia is a holder of a Bachelor's Degree in Public Administration from the Bucharest University and a Master’s Degree in the Management of Public Administration with a specialization in Healthcare Policies.