Limba Romana RABC



Simona Leasǎ in the president of Doinita Folk Ensemble from Bucharest, Romania. The folk group has in it’s repertoire folk dances from all regions of Romania, as well as various folklore singers and a live orchestra, and it’s members are young people with ages between 16 and 28 years old. Simona’s responsibilities as a leader of the folk group include teaching folklore dance workshops, organizing various events, traditional shows, as well as international folk-dance tours, where the folk group becomes an ambassador of Romanian culture and traditions. Simona has been leading the group for the past 10 years. Doinita Folk Ensemble has been part of Romanian Day on Broadway festival, organized by RABCUS.

The folklore dance group can be seen at the following links:

Simona has worked on cultural events planning at the Cultural Center of District 4 City Hall, Event’ Organizer at the Sports Municipal Company, owned by the City Hall of Bucharest and has served as a Chief of Staff for two Under-secretaries of State, Vice-president of the Citizenship National Authority, under the Ministry of Justice.

In the present, Simona is an Events & Budget Coordinator for the Sales Programs of ORACLE Corporation. Simona is a holder of a bachelor’s degree in Cybernetics, Statistics and Economic IT from the Academy of Economic Studies – Bucharest and has graduated a master’s program in Intercultural Management from UNESCO Chair – University of Bucharest.