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Sandra E. Comanescu is a young entrepreneur with two established businesses in distinctive domains: luxury strategic brand architecture management and luxury jewellery. Her experience spreads across various fields such as strategic business management, brand architecture, marketing, design management and innovation, media, PR & communication, crisis management, hotel/tourism and retail management. Sandra has been based in London in the past 8 years where she attended and graduated a BA in Global Management with Design Management and an MA in Luxury Brands Management, both at Regent’s University London, along with a Foundation degree in Architectural Studies at Architectural Association School of London.

Sandra’s intrinsic nature and ability to merge an artistic mindset with a business perspective derives from a diversified background with extended interest and studies in architecture and art, oil & gas, along with participating in charitable organisations. These factors allowed her to acquire and merge a wide array of information and knowledge with multiple operational perspectives that allowed her to thrive through the academic, personal and professional pathway.

Since May 2019, Sandra has been part of the Romanian American Business Council with the intent of contributing to both societies and an aim to create united communities that will help the evolution of divergent thinking, innovation and ground-breaking change.

Sandra’s mission statement:
My mission is to live and enjoy life at its fullest, to be able to inspire people as I get inspired by others. I aim to create consistency through creativity and productivity not only in my daily professional routine, but in my personal activities. I am determined to refine my personality, my flaws and strengths,improving my health and athletic performances, in order to flourish to the maximum potential.