Limba Romana RABC



Born and raised in Marghia, Arges, Ion Burcin-Bion is a Romanian author based in Queens, New York. He has published over forty books and continues writing prose, poetry and various plays. Ion was raised by his grandmother, Stana, until the age of 8. These early years were a source of inspiration for his poetry book “Bunica Stana”. The rest of his childhood was spent in foster homes. He attended the Mihai Eminescu High School in Targoviste, and then entered an apprenticeship to become an ironworker.

From 1953 until 1956, during the communist rise to power, he joined the Infantry Officer’s Battalion. As the military life did not suit him, he moved to Bucharest, where he married and had two sons.

His immigration was prompted by the suffocating supervision of the Communist Securitate. He was constantly being monitored, as he would travel abroad and come back to Romania and tell stories about the good quality of life in other countries, and why Romania should improve and change as well.

His second major accusation was that his writing did not agree with the Regime and the leaders of the country. Shortly thereafter, in 1982, Ion fled Romania as a refugee of communism and sought asylum in New York City.

He continues to pursue his lifelong of calling of being a writer, regardless of his perilous past.