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Flavius Cladoveanu is the General Manager of INTERTRANS, since 2017. He also holds the title of Innovation Manager and Digitalization Manager. Mr. Cladoveanu is a lawyer by profession, being a member of the Bucharest Bar Association for more than 20 years. His experience as a manager has been complemented by the title of Legal and Procurement Director within Electrocentrale Bucuresti SA. part of the Ministry of Energy.

Flavius has had a remarkable career and contribution to the development and growth of INTERTRANS opening the company to the foreign market, while creating a subsidiary INCERTRANS UK, based in London. He also forged a partnership with CTCE, a subsidiary of the Chinese state-owned company CHINA RAILWAY, materialized by an MOU, signed at the Palace of Parliament, to participate in national and international tenders.

Favius managed to be a key player in the development and implementation of innovative products in the field of construction materials, IT and road transport, products presented at EXPO DUBAI, which attracted the attention of major players in the market. Lastly, he is credited with launching special innovative products in the medical field, with a role in combating the COVID-19 virus.