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Daniel Octavian Tita

Daniel Octavian Tita is a shareholder and General Manager of S.C. Eurototal Comp S.R.L located in Bucharest. He graduated University of Petroleum and Gas in Ploiesti and he is specialized in Petroleum Processing Technology and Petrochemicals. He has more than 15 years experience in specific areas of environmental protection, laboratory analysis and greening solutions. With a master's degree in environmental protection Daniel Octavian Tita is expert in dealing with contaminated sites and areas.

Eurototal Comp is the company where he started working when he was a student. Later on he became Chemical Engineer and worked for the same company making a significant contribution to its success. Today Eurototal Comp is one of the most famous environmental companies in Romania with more than 300 employees working as a team.

Eurototal Comp is well-known in mainstream markets and related sectors as exclusive solutions manufacturer for decontamination of perimeters and areas with hazardous and non-hazardous waste.

Eurototal Comp has also a track record of outstanding results through global and integrated solutions produced in its own laboratories and sucessfully delivered, implemented and operated by the most important oil and gas companies and local and regional administrative units.

Eurototal Comp has become famous nationally and worldwide through a large-scale investment in its own state-of-the-art laboratory for water and soil analysis. The company also operates a drone division for complex measurements and specifications, related and in accordance with the latest and most modern methods of analysis and evaluation for parameters and indicators regarding air, odour and air pollution dispersion.

Daniel's hobbies are technology and rock climbing, and he is a great nature lover. Guided by the motto "Pioneering the environment and technology for the benefit of others" his biggest wish is to live in a clean and unpolluted world.