Limba Romana RABC



Mrs. ALINA CIOCOIU is a law graduate and General Manager of Avalon Comp Romania has been providing top management and business administration services for international companies in different fields of activities from telecommunication industry to real estate portfolios, setting up production plants, managing high number of staff and important budgets for Avalon Comp’s clients for the past 17 years.

Alina offered business consultancy services in the process of mergers and acquisition of companies in Romania from finding the companies, doing the business evaluation and interviewing the management team, as well as representation in the due diligence process.

Also one of her specialities is offering business consultancy to companies in difficult financial situation offering them custom business solutions to reduce the costs and get back on the ascendant trend of income to be able to continue trading and become successful again.

Alina is developing proactive investment strategies using initiative and creativity to provide solutions in a transparent and ethical fashion putting all her passion, energy, integrity and experience to every operation within a planned programme from initial evaluation and planning to implementation.

She will design and implement a strategy for investment business focused by looking at the cost, risk and opportunity a project presents for a client within the desired timeframe. Her aim is to assist her clients in being a leader in the business sector in which they compete.

Alina is your confidential and trusted adviser offering quality business services and professionalism helping her clients to design the future of their business.