Limba Romana RABC


Commercial and Residential Leases

Assist clients by drafting either commercial or residential leases.

Each state has its own rules and regulations on commercial and residential leases. A residential lease agreement is a contract between an individual(s) tenant and the landlord to use of property for living. A commercial lease is a contract between a business tenant and landlord for use of commercial property to generate a profit through the sale of goods, services, or manufacture of a product.

Closing and Title Searches

Assist clients who are purchasing property by arranging for a title search—prior to the closing— to ensure that there are no problems with the title and that the seller really owns the property. Once the title search is complete, we evaluate the report and advise our clients accordingly.

Representing our clients throughout the process of closing on a piece of property. Most closings are actually two closings: closing on the purchase of real estate, and closing on a mortgage loan to buy the real estate.

Board Applications

Assist clients, interested in buying a co-op apartment, to prepare a board application to submit to the building's board of directors. Without approval from a building's board it's impossible to purchase a co-op.

A typical board application includes a detailed financial statement (with supporting documents) and reference letters. The board is also likely to conduct a background check and interview.