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RABC XIV Board Meeting

RABC XIV Board Meeting

October 26, 2017

On Thursday evening, October 26 the Fourteenth RABC Board Meeting took place at our Broadway Headquarters. The guest of honor was the new Consul General of Romania to New York, Hon. Catalin Radu Dancu.

The topics discussed during the two-hour meeting were, the welcoming our new members and partners in Romania, RABC Romania trip and the Congressional Reception – (Oct. 5-10 / outcome and follow up) , RABC plans to launch the Visa Waiver Global Initiative for Romanians around the world, Selecting a candidate for the US Ambassadorship position In Bucharest, Christmas Party Gala, December 8th , 2017 and lastly - Romania Day Festival, May 13, 2018.

The council members agreed to increase continue its visibility and involvement and activities in the U.S. and Romania, to generate new interest within the U.S. business community for the bilateral U.S. and Romanian relations, as well as the ongoing addressing concerns of our community.

The board welcomed our new members, Grig Chiroiu, Aurelia Chiroiu, Selma Latifovic, Ana Maria Grigoras, Ilana Vale, Cristina Dumitru, Any Stanciu, Ionut Podariu and Diana Voicu.

Our next board meeting will take place on December 7th at our offices in, New York