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Office Representation

Often, the prerequisite to a company's long-term success in the US market is its local presence. However, the costs of establishing a company's place of business can add up relatively quickly. In order reduce your financial risk, we offer you our US and Romania Office Representation Services.

RABC has the capabilities to establish a local presence for Romanian companies who aim to gain access to the US economy. The Romanian companies can take advantage of our Office Representation Support services in the US, thus reducing the firm's overall costs.

The Office Representation Services offered by RABC New York include the provision of a US physical address, a local phone line, local staff that will manage your incoming and outgoing correspondence, as well as calls answering.

In addition to the above, we can extend our support services to customer acquisition solutions & services, customer service representation, company presentations and business negotiations, as well as accounting services, human resources and executive search consulting services.

It would be our pleasure to schedule a consultation meeting with no further obligation to discuss any other questions.

Site Selection Service

Are you looking for the perfect US location for your company?

Choosing the right location is essential for your company's success and for its future development. Especially while expanding to new locations abroad, it is important to consider all the unique differences.

Locally, RABC – NEW YORK is your competent and reliable partner! Experience our 'Site Selection Service USA' and we will support you all the way from the initial idea of searching for a location to making the final decision.

We will connect you to adequate local partners and will make sure that you will receive the proper support in the US necessary to make the right decision.

Overview of our course of action:

Phase 1:

Phase 2:

Phase 3:

Trade Show Support & Assistance

In order to successfully develop markets in foreign countries, we recommend visiting the most important tradeshow events for the particular industry segment.

The services we offer for Tradeshow Support and Assistance include the needed steps that should be taken to be prepared for attending a tradeshow. The services would include performing targeted research and contacting potential business partners, planning the trip and scheduling activities.

In addition, we can support your company in scheduling meetings and local presentations. We also offer interpretation services and personal coaching, if they are needed.

Many of our clients, after having taken part at a tradeshow, make use of our service of providing an office presence as corporate representation for their company. This way they have a direct customer service contact to their US customers. From here, they can better take advantage of opportunities that will help to efficiently expand their network.

We would be more than happy to schedule a meeting to consult options with your company representatives at any time.

Business Partner Search

We offer our clients a unique range of customized services that will offer corporate assistance to all entities in an expedite and efficient manner expand their business activities in the United States.

For over 20 years, the founding members of the newly formed RABC have been providing consulting services and have successfully assisted Romanian corporations in entering the U.S. market, as well as in extending their US operations.

The Individual Customized Partner Agreement features the opportunity to seek out sales and business partners in the US, using a direct and targeted approach. Our multi-disciplinary team will make contacts with potential business partners, throughout the United States. Each member of our team has country-specific knowledge and various industries expertize, that allow them to communicate directly with decision makers in major US corporations. Based on clients' needs, RABC can extend its services to conducting business presentations and contracts negotiations, as well as coaching on subjects ranging from cultural to legal aspects.

Our office is on standby and ready to set up a one-on-one meeting for our clients with no further obligation, in order to explore areas of opportunities and ways to engage and develop a viable business relationship in Romania and the United States.

Market Studies & Research

By collecting, analyzing and interpreting various socio-economic data, RABC New York has the capabilities to develop detailed market studies that will assess how competitive your products/ services are on the US market. We offer a combination of descriptive, correlational and explanatory research services, using both quantitative and qualitative approaches as part of our research methodology.

As part of our research methodology, our team members make use of extensive data series available in our databases, in federal and state public databases, relevant associations, chambers of commerce.

Our market studies provide a reliable foundation forstrategies targeted on introducing products and/or services to the US market.

A large number of our customers choose our Business Partner Referral Services, once we have completed a market study or are interested in our Business Representation Services, a service RABC New York offers to provide correspondence functions for their company.

It would be our pleasure to schedule a consultation meeting with no further obligation to explore areas of cooperation and answer any other questions.

Investment & Trade