Limba Romana RABC

RABC launches – The “Make it in Romania” Initiative.


About the Initiative

Make it in Romania wants to revitalize bilateral and economic relations with the United States, which will eventually reposition the investor hierarchy in Romania, where the United States will occupy, in the next 24 months, one of the first three places in the country. The “Make it in Romania” program, under the auspices of the Romanian American Business Council, is meant to promote new investments in Romania from the United States, generating a rebirth of entrepreneurship in the country and, more importantly, to restore confidence in the economic, social and spiritual potential of the nation. Through this program, with the support of the United States, Romania will have to radically restore its agriculture, through large-scale technological developments, thus facilitating the repatriation of millions of Romanians who, today, engage in agricultural activities in Italy, Spain, Germany and other European countries. The quality of production and the harvest quantity can ensure salaries similar to those currently received by individuals within Western Europe, with the difference that they will work at home, close to their families, while supporting the local agriculture and, therefore, the national economy. The same can be said for workers, specialists, doctors and any other professionals who, today, forced by the circumstances, contribute to the strengthening of other, foreign economies, to the detriment of the economy of our own country.

"Make it in Romania" stands as a joint effort between two power nations such as United States and Romania, as a private interest development it also benefits of impressive political support from high members of the US Congress and Senate. Furthermore, a vast number of American led companies, already present through profitable production and strategic development are successfully operating their businesses within the Romanian territory, will further join our initiative.
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Added to our partnership, we will account the involvement of Fortune 500 companies, that already foresee the desire of extending their businesses in Romania or that will acknowledge the potential and will further embrace our country for their extended entrepreneurial ventures.

What is to be done?

We are bringing together a special group of private or state-owned companies under the Romanian American Business Council that can lobby in a professional and progressive manner the American private sector and key influential players in the United States Senate, House of Representatives and even the White House. This advocacy effort is designed to appeal to US companies, exiting and relocating from China, where their manufacturing and other offshore services can be enabled in Romania. This will require the hiring of a professional and reputable lobbying firm in Washington, as well as representation in the private sector in New York City and the Financial District.

The “Make it in Romania” initiative will be a registered trademark with its own website, video presentation and brochure, a true dedicated long-term commitment to the well-being of our nation’s economy and a new boost to the strategic partnership between the US and Romania. The build-up of US military forces in Romania (Kogalniceanu Airbase, Deveselu, Constanta Port) and the entire Dobrogea region are fast becoming the focus of the US development community, as well as Transylvania, Banat, Timisoara, Cluj-Napoca, Oradea, Oltenia and Central Romania that present huge entrepreneurial opportunities for sectors like agriculture, construction, energy and manufacturing.

Our initiative will serve as a development hub, a one-of- a-kind concept that will bring new life into the economy of Romania, its labor force and help our US partners identify unthinkable opportunities to grow their business in a safe, viable and constructive environment. With your support we will build the most lucrative and prosperous venue that could restore faith in our economy, manufacturing, resources, growth and trust in the relationship with many US partners.