Mr. Vadan is a well-versed executive within the finance and business community in New York and the United States generally, as well as throughout the Romanian Diaspora. Born in Deva, Romania, he is an alumnus of both Harvard Business School and Georgetown. Tiberius is a scholar and an expert in international affairs and business development. A globally savvy and skilled business manager with 18 years of expertise, he has excelled in merger, acquisitions, divestitures, and transformation ventures.

Currently, he is an executive and partner at IBM Global Enterprise Transformation, where he guides IBM and Fortune Global Top 50 Executives. He delivered results in over 200 transactions that range in value from $100 million to $250 billion. More than a dozen of these large ventures involve establishing subsidiaries for US companies in Romania and throughout Eastern Europe.

A senior RABC member since 2015, Tiberius is involved in promoting children’s educations primarily by supporting the efforts of Romanian NGO’s in order to drive the education of underprivileged children throughout Romania. He is also a board member of Hip-Hop for Kids, working with Michelle Obama at the Columbia University Center for Mental Health, as well as a large number of Hip-Hop stars, to use music and dancing to decrease obesity in inner-city children.

Tiberius is a member of the Romanian American ALIANTA Board of Advisors and is focusing on business, education, and cultural endowment. He is also a strong supporter of the Romanian Day Festival on Broadway, and one of the coordinating directors of the Centennial Committee Celebration of Romania in the United States.