Stefan Minovici

Stefan A. Minovici is a Romanian American businessman and developer with strong ties to one of the best-known families of doctors in Romania. He is the first member of the family to continue the work of two generations in trying to establish the first American Hospital in Romania, covering key medical specialties such as oncology, cardiology and neurosurgery. Stefan has worked on various projects with Fortune 100 and 500 companies from CEMEX to Raytheon, ITT Defense, Honeywell and Johns Hopkins International, on projects such as defense and homeland security, healthcare, environment and infrastructure.

Stefan Minovici lobbied hard for Romania's entry into NATO more than a decade ago and for the strengthening of Romanian-American relations. A community leader and former president of the Union and Leagues of Romanian Societies of America (Established in 1906), Stefan is the producer of Romania Day Festival on Broadway, the largest event outside the country's borders. He is also the president of MIC & Associates, a New York consultancy firm and an active advocate for Romania in Washington DC with key members of the US Congress and the Senate. Stefan holds a degree in communications/journalism from CUNY – Hunter College and a Master's degree in International Affairs from Columbia University. He is married, the father of two sons and has lived New York City since 1979.