Michael Chiriac is the President and owner of Mega Vision, a Fortune 5000 company that has consistently evolved over the years. What started out as a small manufacturing operation, geared specifically towards engineering for retail design firms, has grown into an organization capable of generating highly detailed and customized projects. Mega Vision is a full-service corporation responsible for the installation, production and delivery of high-end fixtures. Among its most notable clients are Macy's, Bloomingdales, Tommy Hilfiger, Neiman Marcus and Tumi. The main goal at Mega Vision is to become one of the greenest and most efficient industry manufacturers in the world. MV's paramount priority remains tied to keeping the company pertinent in a very competitive landscape. At Mega Vision, advanced CNC machinery is utilized so that the manufacturing process can operate even when the workers cannot. The nature of this business is as such that mechanical accuracy is measured at times in a thousandths of an inch. The intercommunication between each department – from project managers to interior designers and architects – ensures that MV's remarkable products are delivered in seamless performance and according to their blueprints. Mega Vision has yet to embark on a project that was not completed with the highest possible quality and remarkable technical level.

Michael Chiriac is the consummate professional in a perpetual pursuit of the "The American Dream." He arrived in the US on December 19th, 1972, penniless but full of hope. His first job was on the assembly line building cars at a Chrysler plant in Detroit. He worked hard for nearly four years before joining the US Navy, serving aboard with great honors and distinction. After four years of active duty, he returned to the United States where in 1981 he launched M & D Displays, a five-man operation that laid down the foundation for Mega Vision and tens of millions of dollars in revenues. In 1997, Michael decided to rebrand the business, a move that would make the company and the industry grow exponentially. Mega Vision has since experienced one success after another and looking at where it all started, its current status and its evolution – the organization became a true inspiration for many American entrepreneurs, as well as for countless of his compatriots in the Diaspora and Romania.

A community leader and a philanthropist, Michael Chiriac has given back to his adoptive country and to his community millions of dollars in contributions to churches, orphanages, elderly homes and countless other causes. Among his most notable accomplishments are the renovation and the mural painting of the entire Stefan the Great Church in his native village of Baia, County of Suceava.

Mr. Chiriac is married to his wife Katica and has two children, Jennifer Clementi, a New York City teacher and Michael Jr., a partner in the family business. He has three magnificent grandchildren, Briana, Brooke and Michael.

President & Owner – Mega Vision Inc. Brooklyn, NY - 1997 — Present

Affiliations and Memberships
» Founding donor of Sf. Maria Romanian Orthodox Church Elmhurst, NY
» Founder of Sf. Andrei Romanian Orthodox Church Jamaica, NY
» Founder of "Three Hierarchs" Church in Ridgewood, New York
» President & Owner of Chiriac Holdings, LLC

Michael Chiriac
Email: mikesr@megavisioninc.com
Cell: +1 347 820 3636