Gelu Grigoras Chiroiu

Gelu Grigoras Chiroiu, is President - CEO at the company CR&SC ASSOCIATES EXPORT-IMPORT in BUCHAREST.

Gelu Grigoras started his career as an actor just after the overthrow of the Communist Regime in Romania and worked his way up from actor to TV producer. He is described as an ambitious TV producer who puts a lot of soul in his projects,and he has 20 years of experience on the screens.

Efforts and perseverance brought him in 2015 the Title of the world’s longest-running sitcom in Guinness Book, regarding to the number of episodes which he produces.

Beside all of this he owns two villas in Romania,and they are coordonated by his wife.

He graduated “SNSPA”in Bucharest ,specializing in communication and public relations.

Currently living in Bucharest,he is married and the father of two childrens.