Lorelei Nassar

Eugenia Gusilov is the director and founder of Romania Energy Center (ROEC) – the first energy studies think tank in Romania. A Fulbright alumna and a graduate of Columbia University, New York (USA), she has a Master of International Affairs with a concentration in International Energy Management and Policy and a Certificate in Russian Studies from the Harriman Institute. She also works as a Business Development Manager at Umbrella Group. Her work experience includes political analysis, energy consulting, academic and business research, and business strategy. In the past, Ms. Gusilov has worked for the Romanian Diplomatic Institute (Romanian MFA). Currently, she leads ROEC, forges partnerships, is responsible for planning, coordination and effective implementation of ROEC projects, and oversees and enforces QC for all ROEC analytical work. Areas of expertise: strategic and commercial analysis of energy markets, oil and gas policies, energy economics.