The Romanian American Business Council – RABC was created as a direct result of a strong, viable and imperative need to symbolize a broader spectrum of Romanian values. Our Council has assumed among others, the mission of bringing forth and raise at the highest possible levels the keystones of our society, what makes us so proud of our heritage and accomplishments. This is in fact what sets us apart as members of the Romanian Diaspora in the United States. All this while continuing to be, as we always have been, proudly integrated in the American culture and society.

We are committed to follow the paradigm of the strength of this relationship and capitalize on the mutual trust that the United States of America and Romania have built over a century and a half. Our members combine more than 250 years of expertise in conducting business with Romania and the United States. Our exemplary expertise ranges in key fields and industries such as Defense, Homeland Security, Government Affairs, IT, Healthcare, Environment, Infrastructure, Capital Markets, International Law, Business Development, Marketing and Public Relations.

What truly sets us apart is the wide range of professional services and combined talents with a remarkable business insight and expertise. It is what makes RABC unique among many organizations with a similar profile. Our experts will provide your business and community with the most effective guidance in your quest for the right advocacy tools, access to key decision makers and grasp of timely information to successfully deliver the expected results.

The Romanian American business relationship remains on a historical soaring path, replacing indefinite and unrealistic expectations with tangible long-lasting accomplishments. We are uniquely positioned on either side of this relationship and determined to contribute in significant measure to accelerate this process of positive change. But we can only accomplish this united and in large numbers. In the current geo-political context, distance separating our nations become as irrelevant as it is when Hawaiians look east to the Mainland United States. Our nations are closer than many can imagine, as Romania remains one of the most pro US country in the world. We at RABC understand this predicament and took upon the mission of levelling whatever differences are still left so that the two great nations come even closer together. Our paramount goal at the Romanian American Business Council is to bridge the economic gap between the two countries, while helping Romania conquer its fears and shortcomings in becoming the strong and indispensable US partner it longs to be. At the same time Bucharest must continue to focus on the trade deficit, investing in education, healthcare, housing and other key industrial development areas. It is not just the way to mitigate the brain drain and bring back millions of Romanians working abroad, but simply making the country far more attractive to the US Inventors while strengthening the local economy and society.

In building our sense of community we adopt a real-world approach and allow each new member to enrich our character with his or her own intellectual mark and personality. As a result, we were very successful in building our own version of harmony through diversity, with strength and conviction, commitment and resolve. It is indeed our way of seeking success and achieving the widest range of aspirations. By doing so, we believe that our approach will closely reflect the new Romanian society and community, united, driven by passion and motivation, determined to take charge of its future and destiny. It is in our view the paramount component that will enable us to become an event greater part of the American nation and secure success in our individual pursuits of happiness.

Today, a demanding yet throbbing US market and financial system remain the global leader that sets the pace of key economies in the world. That calls for finding the right partner to guide your venture, effort and investment through some of the most treacherous times in modern history. From defense and homeland security work, to healthcare, energy and infrastructure, RABC is able help you win in ways that you have yet to imagine. For that today's macroeconomic realities dictate that every stock exchange in the world ticks in tune with Wall Street and every coin exchanged in the world asserts its value as a function of the US dollar. Romania cannot escape nor deny this reality and will gradually accept globalization as a feat of progress, foregoing unrealistic aspirations of times passed. Since this is the inescapable reality, why not aiming at the core? And you should start on Wall Street, because this where we are!